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100% quality, 100% made in Germany and a 100% guarantee that you will reach the investment break-even point sooner than than with most of our competitors: Heat exchangers, filters and UV systems from Behncke are first choice in every industrial sector that is involved with liquids: Whether beverages, process water or aggressive liquids, we supply the suitable equipment and that’s why we are your experts in fluids.


Water is not only essential for our planet – it is also indispensable for technology. Whether for cleaning, power generation, heat transfer or many other applications, this versatile natural resource is a guarantee for success in countless business operations. As with all valuable resources, the prudent use of water is a must. Hereby, Behncke filter technology can provide valuable support for many industrial sectors.

All our filter systems are delivered ex-factory with a corresponding pump. Of course, we can also cater for your special needs if required and provide a filter system of your choice with e.g. different pumps, automatic backflush valves, as well as solar and electric heat exchangers.

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Heat exchangers

Fortunately, energy saving has been a widely discussed topic for decades. All over the world, private people and businessmen have been thinking about sustainable solutions for our fuel resources. But of course, energy consumption is also a question of efficiency.

Particularly the energy costs caused by manufacturing companies still account for a decisive portion of a company’s annual turnover. Fortunately, this factor can be influenced easily with numerous solutions. The installation of heat exchangers for waste heat recuperation is only one example of many. But it can be decisive if the correct equipment is chosen.

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UV systems

In particular, short-wave UV radiation (UV-C) is a highly effective disinfectant – within fractions of a second if the dosage is right. Moreover, no mutagenic resistances can develop – as can be the case e.g. with antibiotic treatment. UV sterilisation is used in a wide range of applications, since ultraviolet light can be used conveniently to disinfect water and other lipids and also for the disinfection of air. We use this effect for the UV disinfection solutions we offer:

With a wavelength of 254 nanometres, the UV-C radiation penetrates to the centre of the respective organism’s DNS, thereby inhibiting its metabolism. As a result, the microbes (including legionella and cryptosporidium) are inactivated and cannot multiply any longer.

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