Not only the brewhouse has a high heat demand – other brewing processes are also energy intensive. Experts see savings potentials of up to 60 percent; of course this can vary and depends on factors such as the age of the installation. Intelligent exploitation of savings and efficiency potentials can have a significant effect on production costs. One possibility is the use of Behncke heat exchangers:

Our product range offers various solutions for the foodstuffs and beverage industries. For example, the special design of our stainless steel coaxial heat exchangers without webs prevents the formation of bacteria accumulations. This eliminates the risk of product contamination. Plate heat exchangers, with their particularly large heat transfer surfaces, are also widely used in the foodstuffs industry. Since our corrosion-proof stainless steel heat exchanger batteries have no weld seams in the contact area, they can be used for a wide range of liquid heating and cooling applications.