BEHNCKE coil heat exchangers
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The bestsellers

Here too, stainless steel (AISI 316) or titanium and Incoloy 825 are used for aggressive media. Countless customers worldwide rely on the following Behncke heat exchanger versions for a wide range of different applications:

the GIGANT 2000 has a stainless steel housing with welded-in heat transfer coil, complete with temperature sensor well, drain & venting valves and a stainless steel bracket for floor mounting, plus a copper antenna for connecting an electronic temperature sensor. The housings are pickled and lacquered and are therefore excellently suited for contaminated liquids such as sewage, machine oils, and many others.

The QWT 100 is a high-temperature heat exchanger consisting of stainless steel housing with welded-in heat transfer coil, complete with sensor well for installing an electronic temperature sensor, plus mounting bracket and rubber hose installation kit. Operating pressure: Coil 10 bar, housing 3 bar

The WTI 100 is practically identical to the QWT 100 high-temperature heat exchanger. The WTI 100 comes with a titanium housing with welded-in titanium heat transfer coil, lacquered surface, plus two PVC threaded couplings (DN 40/50) and is therefore ideally suited for use with aggressive liquids.

The SWT 100 is a low-temperature heat exchanger with the same product features as the QWT 100, including stainless steel housing and rubber hose installation kit.

As the name implies, the SWT 100 Titan has a housing and heat transfer coil of titanium. The heat exchanger is lacquered, and has two PVC threaded couplings (DN 40) for use with aggressive liquids. Operating pressure (SWT 100 and SWT 100 Titan): Coil 10 bar, housing 3 bar

BEHNCKE coil heat exchangers

The specialists

Stainless steel coil heat exchangers are particularly well suited for highly viscous liquids or liquids with a high proportion of suspended solids. We are specialised in the manufacture of smaller diameters and are therefore able to cater for the most varied customer requirements in this field. We manufacture our heat transfer coils with unusually thin walls and small coil diameters. This is only possible with special machines and a special coiling technique. The pipes we use are made of stainless steel (AISI 316 Ti) or titanium.

Stainless steel coaxial heat exchangers are the ideal solution for the foodstuffs and beverage industries. Thanks to the special tube-in-tube design without webs, bacteria accumulations cannot build up.

Heat exchanger coils are used in vessels for heating or cooling liquids. A coupling for connecting to a heating or cooling system (suitable for refrigerants) is provided. Because the corrosion-proof stainless steel heat exchangers have no weld seams in the contact area, they are particularly suitable for use in drinking water applications and with operating pressures up to 20 bar.