BEHNCKE plastic & electric heat exchangers

The flexible ones

Our plastic & electric heat exchangers consist of a polyamide housing and an internal coil of stainless steel (AISI 316) corrugated hose.

The plastic heat exchanger (KstW 200) is available in two versions: With a stainless steel coil for pH-neutral liquids and with an alloy 59 coil for aggressive liquids.

Operating pressure: Coiled pipe 6 bar, housing 2.5 bar, thermal rating 47.5 kW with an inflow temperature of 90°C and a volume flow of about 2m3/h. Apart from the properties listed above, the compact heater block KstW 200 is also fitted with a check valve, a circulating pump, a temperature controller, a well for the temperature sensor and a stainless steel bracket for wall mounting.

The electric heat exchanger (EWT) is also made of AISI 316 stainless steel or titanium. The heating element is available in Incoloy 825 and also in a sea water resistant titanium version with ceramic head. The EWTs can be supplied for any voltage and for power ratings up to max. 45 kW, and also for special voltages (e.g. single or two-phase). Depending on version, they are fitted with:

  • Control and/or safety thermostat
  • Pressure switch for low water protection
  • Integral flow switch
  • Control cabinet with/without control thermostat
  • Lacquered surface