BEHNCKE plate heat exchangers

The high-performance devices

Our plate heat exchangers have a very large heat transfer surface, which ensures a particularly high performance. Wherever liquids without severe contamination through suspended particles must be cooled or heated, we offer a range of versions – also e.g. for pasteurising milk or beer.

Bolted plate heat exchangers are designed for safe and reliable operation in a very wide pressure/temperature range (up to 40 bar and 150°C).

Technical Data

Flexibility is our strength

Our turbolator plate heat exchangers are fitted with particularly flexible exchangeable plates. Thanks to special seals on the outer edges, the plates can be exchanged without effort. The turbolator networks in the plates ensure that even with low flow speeds and quantities, the processed liquids are transported with an extremely high exchange coefficient.

A special procedure is used to manufacture brazed plate heat exchangers: Hereby, the Behncke experts give special attention to an optimum design of the flow channels on the primary and secondary sides of the brazed plate heat exchangers in order to achieve ideal thermodynamic performance. As a result, the compact devices are practically unbeatable in terms of efficiency and price/performance ratio.

Behncke also offers the plate heat exchangers as a compact overall system. Such a combined system includes temperature controller, circulating pump and all necessary fittings and can be installed and operated together with the respective heat exchanger version.

During production, each heat exchanger is subjected to a pressure test after every brazing/welding operation. Finally, they pass through a pickling bath and are then subjected to a tough quality inspection.