Our know-how

With correct maintenance, your Behncke product will support your operations for an above-average number of years. An investment in Behncke “made in Germany” quality pays for itself in many ways. A break-even point of the investment costs is reached very soon due simply to the energy efficiency of the equipment. What’s more, the superior quality of the materials used ensures a particularly long service life.

If your company has already purchased Behncke products and you would like to have them repaired or replaced after decades, our comprehensive data archive will enable us to help you with plans, drawings and operating manuals – also backed by the many years of expertise available from our qualified technicians.

Our flexibility

Our worldwide customers appreciate our precisely customised industrial solutions for the most varied application areas such as process water preparation, pasteurisation or measures for maximised efficiency. Our production facilities can cater for special customer needs – far beyond standard everyday solutions. You need customised metal components from small batches to mass production? Simply ask us. Our machinery park enables us to produce individual products: we offer CNC machining, laser cutting and coil winding. In addition and in cooperation with you, we can develop and produce filter systems that are matched precisely to your needs. Hereby, values such as the circulated volume are individually matched to your applications and processes. Filter vessels can be lacquered in any colour you wish. Whilst other manufacturers produce standard products, we focus on utmost flexibility for our customers.

Our quality promise

Best source materials, top craftsmanship, optimum products: Behncke’s entire value-added process meets the highest demands. Thanks to more than seven decades of manufacturing tradition, we are able to draw on unlimited resources: organically evolved relations with our suppliers, decades of manufacturing experience and masters of their trade, who started their career as trainees with Behncke’s promise of quality. All of this ensures that our products belong to the premium class.