Process water solutions

Car wash sites, mechanical textile processing, cooling plants, power stations, galvanic applications, washing plants or drinking water purification: these widely differing production activities and –processes have one thing in common: Efficiently treated process water is essential for all of them, but the water treatment processes involved are as individual as the applications in which the water is used. Even within the same production site, the process water’s degree of contamination can change very quickly. Hence, removal of all contaminants with the least amount of equipment is decisive. Consequently, every production site needs customised process technology for water treatment. Behncke filtration is able to meet this challenge.

Our filters work with a special high-efficiency glass filter granulate. Recycled green glass granulate plays the main role for filtering and precipitating various substance particles from the water during the respective cleaning stages. Hereby, physical processes in a Behncke filter clean the process water practically without chemicals. Therefore, investments in a Behncke filter reach the break-even point particularly quickly – not least because of our high manufacturing standards, which give our products an exceptionally long service life.