Quality made in Germany

More than 70 years after its founding and with a staff of about 100 employees, Behncke GmbH still produces exclusively in Germany. Headquartered in the Bavarian town of Putzbrunn near Munich, the company is focused entirely on precision crafting of high-grade stainless steel. The factory in Bühne in Saxony-Anhalt manufactures filter vessels and systems made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. To this day, customers all over the world appreciate the top manufacturing quality, particularly long service life, and outstanding energy efficiency made by Behncke. This is only possible because every Behncke product is backed by a highly motivated team of experts.


Hans-Jürgen Behncke founded the Behncke Elektro-Stahlbau company in Putzbrunn. In a storage building, the inventive businessman developed various products up to series production, and soon acquired a reputation as a legendary innovator. In time, the company offered a wide range of products from household goods to oil burners, retractable garages and camping trailers. During the next few years, the utility products that initially were in high demand quickly turned into industrial products. Since then, the Putzbrunn factory has been manufacturing with utmost care, with the best source materials and top quality.


Michael Behncke, son of Hans-Jürgen, founded the Behncke Energiespartechnik company. Since its founding, the company has been selling energy-saving water and heating technology with heat exchangers and filter vessels. Even today, some of the patents applied for at that time are still valid. To this day, Behncke benefits from the decades of experience in the manufacture of energy-efficient products.


Behncke starts to build up and expand a second production site in Germany. Michael Behncke purchases a former agricultural company in Bühne (Saxony-Anhalt), which has since then become the production and logistics centre for containers made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).


Stephanie Behncke-Weber takes over as company manager from her father Michael Behncke. Behncke GmbH is now a family-owned company in the third generation. Five years later in 2007, company management is extended with Behncke-Wild and Markus Weber. Since then, this three-person team has been in control of company operations.